Knockadaumore standing stone/stone pair?

Knockadaumore - Clostoken stone pair

Christy Cunniffe


A pair of stones of c.1m in height are to be seen in the townland of Knockadaumore in the civil parish of Clostoken immediately off the Loughrea/Craughwell road opposite to the Meadow Court Hotel. The RMP notes them as GA105-220—- and classifies the monument as a standing stone but has no information posted on the site yet. Could this be a prehistoric stone pair set apart by about 20 metres or so or has there been a second stone erected here in more recent times? It is difficult to say without close examination and perhaps excavation at the base of the pair of stones. Stone pairs are a relatively common feature, so it is likely that that is what we have here. One way or the other this is one of the challenges of field archaeology.

Class: Standing stone


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