Killeenadeema head

Carved head Killeenadeema

Christy Cunniffe

This carved head is of medieval date. It is incorporated into the gable of Killeenadeema modern parish church. One ruined side wall of the original medieval parish church survives in the graveyard. It is likely that this head originated from that church. Carved heads were used as decoration, and as images of donors and saints . They may also have had a symbolic purpose. This head was pointed out recently to me by Paul Cunningham. Carved ornament such as this should be noted and photographed and notified to the National Monuments Service.

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  • Saint Dymphna’s as we now know it must have been built around 1901, as my great-grandfather Seami Sean Seami Labras/Jamsey Martyn helped build it and paid for his emigration to New York from his wages. The old national school at Killeenadeema crossroads was demolished and reused for the church. So presumably the medieval head was incorporated around then? Does anyone know when the church it replaced was built? I’m guessing the 1820s or 1830s.

    By Adrian Martyn (24/01/2021)

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