Clarinbridge Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary standing on a Crescent Moon

Christy Cunniffe

This seventeenth-century limestone effigy of the Virgin Mary is preserved in the porch of Clarinbridge Catholic church. It depicts the Virgin Mary standing on a Crescent Moon with a halo of stars around her head. Her hair is shoulder length and her hands joined in prayer.

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  • Virgin of Guadalupe?

    By Bob Haney (20/07/2018)
  • Similar attributes Bob following a standard way of portraying this particular theme. C

    By monument (21/07/2018)
  • Thanks for your observations Jim. You are welcome. Also look up our post on the Clonfert Madonna on this site which I believe you may have done already. Regards,
    Christy Cunniffe

    By monument (21/03/2017)
  • In my home Pilgrimage and travels to Ireland I am always amazed at how Mary has touched the lives of so many constantly influencing our life with her presence. This touching effigy surely adds foundation to the history and influence of Mary through the Irish history.

    By Jim Miller, Lay Apostle of Divine Mercy USA (21/03/2017)

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