Leacht Oliver Browne

Leacht cuimhne near Athenry

Christy Cunniffe

Leacht cuimhne Oliver Browne
Christy Cunniffe

A limestone leacht cuimhne (memorial leacht) or wayside cenotaph located at Cartymore Cross near Athenry was erected to Oliver Browne. It is one of a handful of such leacht’s in Co. Galway. A recess in one face is evidence of a missing plaque. It is noted as Laghta Oliver Brown on the relevant Ordnance Survey 6-inch scale map (sheet 71 for Co. Galway) and in the associated field books we are told that Oliver Brown died here following a fall from his horse in 1628. Professor Eteinne Rynne in a short paper in ‘The Athenry Journal’ proposed that this seems a bit early as similar monuments in the region are much later in date. He proposes that it may have been an error and should perhaps be read as 1728.

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  • Thanks for that Tricia. I have recorded that slab but must look at it again and take some measurements to see if it might correspond to the leacht.

    By monument (28/06/2018)
  • There is a plaque dedicated to Oliver Browne inside the Athenry Dominican Priory. (Turn left once inside and its attached to window along that side).
    The date on the plaque is 1686, which suggests he died that year or just before. It refers to a monument so it could possibly be the one originally placed on the leacht. The plaque reads:

    “Pray for the soul of oliver browne of cularan and juliana
    his wife who erected this monument for them and their posterity ANO * DNI 1686”

    By tricia fahy (28/06/2018)

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